Community Edition Features

This version does has some feature limitations but is still a very capable toolkit

Multi-OS Support

Target Linux and Windows Operating Systems

Lateral Movement

Pivot and chain agents for deeper access

Memory Resident

Binaries execute from memory only

Unlock Your Inner Red Teamer

Level Up to VooDoo Enterprise to take your engagements

How do I use the Community Edition?

  • Install docker on your OS
    • How To Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 18.04
    • How To Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 16.04
  • ​Ensure all firewalls and/or security groups are allowing inbound TCP port 443
  • Find your current servers IP address:
    • $ curl
    • ip.ip.ip.ip
  • Start up the Voodoo CE Listening Post (LP):
    • $ sudo docker run -ti -p 443:443 cnoio/voodoo_ce
    • Enter first username: admin
    • Enter password: apassword
    • Reenter password: apassword
  • Browse to https://ip.ip.ip.ip/
  • Accept Certs
  • Login w/ creds previously set
  • Enable MFA w./ the Google Authenticator App on your Mobile phone
  • And you should now be good to go!

Install VooDoo by hand

Train While You Fight

Study the methods of attack and defense and apply it to real-world scenarios via hands-on labs.

Let S2 show you what's possible

You deserve an expert security partner not just another service provider

  • Decades of experience securing Federal Enterprises and Fortune 50
  • Former NSA Operators skilled in the Adversary arts
  • Full scope Security-as-a-Service. Press the easy button.


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