Astute Red Teaming

Training teaches red team operators how to do the following:

  • Setup Voodoo for Red Team engagements.
  • Gain Initial Access to Target Networks via Voodoo.
  • Leverage a Socks Proxy to Access Systems within the Target Network via a Pivot.
  • Easily Escalate Privileges on endpoints.
  • Pivoting deep into networks via Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, etc.) multi-hop chains.

Other Classes We Offer

Voodoo Post Exploitation Platform

There's a better operator in you.

Learn From the Best

Our trainers are industry experts who are focused on providing you with the best experience possible when you attend a training course

  • The trainers have spoken at several other cyber security conference (e.g. BlackHat, DerbyCon, Bsides*)
  • Trainers have years of private industry and public-sector experience and a deep passion for cybersecurity


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