Our Trainers

The Stage 2 Security team of trainers are industry experts who are focused on providing you with the best experience possible when you attend a training course. Our trainers hold various certifications (such as OSCP, GPEN, CISSP) and have spoken at several other cyber security conference including BlackHat, DerbyCon, Bsides. Each of our trainers have years of private industry and public-sector experience and a deep passion for cyber security that drives them to research and develop real-world tools and techniques which are shared throughout the training experience.

Astute Zombie Crush: Hacking the Hackers!

BlackHat hackers ravage computer systems, infecting them with malware, and acquiring information for their own means but do these hackers stop and think about the security posture of their own hacking infrastructure?

Astute Cloud Red Team: It's Raining Shells!

Stay frosty within AWS, Azure, & GCP environments with this fast-paced and hands-on course which teaches each participant the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) needed to infiltrate and expand access within cloud platforms.
  • Exploit serverless (e.g. Lambda, Azure Functions) applications for initial access into targets.
  • Pivot between data and control planes to expand access (e.g. secrets, snapshots)
  • Evade and disrupt cloud logging platforms (e.g. CloudTrail) to remain undetected.

Enterprise Post Exploitation Platform

Voodoo had teamwork in mind when it came to designing the user interface. Multiple operators can interact with the same agents simultaneously.

Astute Red Teaming: Basic Cross-Platform Ops

Study the methods of attack and defense and apply it to real-world scenarios via hands-on labs. We share with you the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used in the wild and help you employ this knowledge in defense and detection of cyber attacks.
  • Multi-Platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, ARM)
  • Gain Initial Access to Target Networks via Voodoo.
  • Leverage a Socks Proxy to Access Systems within the Target Network via a Pivot.
  • Easily Escalate Privileges on endpoints.
  • Pivoting deep into networks via Cross Platform (Windows, Linux, etc.) multi-hop chains.

Astute Yara: Becoming the Yara Hunter

If you're new to YARA and want to step up your threat hunting this course is for you! This course takes the beginner from writing their first YARA rule to hunting and categorizing target malware families. YARA will enable you to hunt for hackers, threats, & malware!
  • It takes the beginner from writing their first YARA rule to hunting and categorizing target malware families