Curated Security Services

Security Engineering & Architecture

Bulletproof security design and implementation. S2 security engineers, architects and professional services teams specialize in developing, engineering, implementing, and operating resilient and proactive architectures.

Penetration Testing

The art of discovering unique access vectors and then applying offensive methods in the same manner that real-world adversaries would to test your ability to withstand attacks from cyber threats.

Cloud Security

Harden your cloud security posture. Plan, design, migrate, operate, and optimize security in your cloud environment with experienced personnel.

Federal Services

S2 supports Federal Agencies Cybersecurity programs by providing high-quality cybersecurity services and innovative solutions.

Resilience by Design

S2calable S2ecurity S2olutions

Continually assess, maintain, and improve your security posture while under constant threat. Flexibility, speed, and an understanding of your adversaries TTPs are required for resilience.

  • Zero Trust Architectures, Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM), Micro Segmentation and other programs 
  • Insert real Security into Dev ____ Ops.

Expert Security Services

S2 has a wealth of experience in providing security engineering and architecture services to both the federal government as well as Fortune 500 commercial customers. S2 cybersecurity engineers design, implement, and maintain a variety of curated cybersecurity solutions for any size organization.

Security Engineering & Architecture Services

S2 has expertise implementing cloud security solutions to improve your security posture in an ever-changing network and world.
  • Cloud Security Engineering Services across all major platforms (AWS, GCP, AZURE)

Security Content Analytics Services

Our expertise in big data platforms like Splunk, Elastic, Hadoop, etc. enables us to help our clients find the security events in the noise and create efficient SEIMs and SOAR playbooks to thwart your adversary.
  • Proven data analytics professional services Splunk, Elastic, etc
  • SOAR and playbook expertise cross platforms (Phantom, SIEMPLIFY, Demisto)

How May We Help You?

Find out more about how S2 can help you meet your cybersecurity goals. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and implement solutions to meet their needs.


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