The PTaaS Difference

PTaaS provides all the value of a penetration test with continuous access to scan data, integrations with vulnerability assessment information, external attack surface management, and a comprehensive phishing program.

Penetration Testing

S2s comprehensive expert penetration testing services

Compliance all Year Round

Continuous assessing of your external and cloud networks to ensure compliance

Frictionless Assessment Quoting

Reduce the friction for requesting a pentest using our custom wizard

Cloud Security Posture Management

Understand your cloud security posture through continuous assessments

External Attack Surface Management

Discover and Report on your external attack surface continuously

Vulnerability Management

Integrate your vulnerability management platform with PTaaS to validate and prioritize

Understand your IMMINENT RISK

Our dashboard and custom scoring methodology enables you to quickly understand your risk by attack surface via our Cyber Fitness rings.
  • Risk Scoring by attack surface to focus your remediation efforts
  • Easy to follow Cyber Fitness rings enabling you to reduce risk
  • See your IMMINENT RISK score and take action

Enhanced Findings

Take Penetration Testing to the next level. View and interact with findings, artifacts, and export into your existing ITSM to remediate and track validation scans.
  • Findings provide screenshots or videos demonstrating the exploit or vulnerability along with detection and remediation suggestions
  • Export your finding to your ITSM and mark it for reassessment if remediated
  • Leverage our CSPM modules to produce CIS and other benchmark scanning compliance findings

Frictionless engagement process to reduce time to assessment

Request a focused assessment based on time and scope. Load in your assets, email addresses, FQDN and let us get to work.
  • Easy scheduler to make sure your pentest starts and ends when you need it too
  • Asset selector to quickly define the scope of the engagement
  • Selectors to define the type of penetration test your need and compliance standards

MAGE Scanning

Find misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and exploitable risk via our vast micro-serviced scanning capabilities.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
  • Vulnerability Scanning Integrations (Tenable, etc.)

Customizable Reporting

Access, View, and request detailed reports per focused assessment.
  • Archive and Access all focused assessment reports
  • Easily view or download reports, attestations, etc.
  • Request and access customizable reports based on your needs

What Clients Are Saying

S2 is a collective of outstanding staff of talented researchers; the level of expertise that exists at S2 far surpasses any other company. My time is limited, and S2 provided an actionable set of findings I could use to move forward. 

Matt Hillary
Weave CISO

As a security leader, I know that the risk of being breached exists regardless of having a well-stacked security program.  S2s red teaming and phishing exercise were incredible. Many security-based internal organizations who do phishing exercises end up not being as crafty, as efficient, or as effective. 

Matt Hillary
Weave CISO

“As an organization, we deal with a lot of Personal Identifiable Information which comes with a lot of security responsibility and requirements both Federal and State & Local. With S2’s PTaaS findings, I could sleep a little better at night, knowing we had been proactive about our security. S2 continuously validates that our cloud security architecture is sound.” 

Michael Smith
Managed Care Advisors CISO

Before working with S2, we felt like we paid for pentest and got vulnerability reports from three other companies that told us what we already knew. However, after two weeks of working with S2, it was evident they wanted to provide us with findings that reduced our IMMINENT RISKS. They started penetrating and moving around in places that would not have shown up in previous engagements—even asking us if it was ok to continue to expand a little deeper.  S2’s communication with our team and findings exceeded our expectations.

Josh Pugmire
Podium CISO 

Let S2 show you what's possible

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  • Decades of experience securing Federal Enterprises and Fortune 50
  • Former NSA Operators skilled in the Adversary arts
  • Full scope Security-as-a-Service. Press the easy button.


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