S2 Hits Las Vegas and Wins a DEF CON “Black Badge”

Training and Networking at Black Hat 2021


The wait is over, and the first in-person cyber conference for S2 is complete.  Despite the ever-changing travel conditions, S2 Executives and team members road-tripped to Las Vegas for Black Hat and DEF CON Security Conferences. 

The months of preparation paid off! Finally, our in-person and virtual booths had been set up, and we were ready to rub elbows (while staying 6ft apart and masked) with some of the world’s most brilliant minds in the cybersecurity profession. 

Opening the Black Hat Conference, Bryce Kunz S2’s Chief Strategy Officer and fellow adversary simulation team members delivered our S2 training course ASTUTE AWS/AZURE/GCP CLOUD RED TEAM – IT’S RAINING SHELLS!

The training covered key points of emphasis like:

  • How to more effectively Red Team and/or perform a penetration test for companies heavily leveraging AWS, Azure, or GCP for on-demand IT services (e.g., cloud services).
  • Enabling blue teams to understand better which red team techniques create logs where and how, so they can more effectively monitor for malicious activity within their AWS, Azure, and/or GCP environment.
  • How to design/architect more secure systems within AWS, Azure, and/or GCP environments.

The booth was a HUGE success, as well as our sunglasses and the raining shells PCB coin. Recipients were able to follow the directions in the QRCode to turn the coin into an add-on badge! Big shout out to all who stopped by the booth, and we enjoyed the conversations along with the opportunity to interface with other like-minded cyber professionals in person.  

Once we packed up the Black Hat booth and went for a round of Pinball as a team at the Pinball Hall of Fame we headed over to DEF CON.

S2 Team in Las Vegas

DEF CON fun and S2’s Will to WIN! 

While Blackhat is more a jeans and polo event, DEF CON is more a t-shirt (or Hawaiian shirt in S2s case) and shorts event attended by hackers, IT professionals, and government employees working in cybersecurity. Exactly the place where S2-ers belong! If you’ve never been to DEF CON, you are in for a treat, life-size displays of cyber warriors, and live car hacking.

Waylon Grange, our threat researcher, regaled us with his talk on solar panel hacking. Waylon demonstrated what is possible if certain safeguards are not implemented: solar panels can be hacked and left open to money laundering schemes

The highlight of our trip was when S2 team members Waylon Grange and Jason Bertman, along with Mike Weaver with Adobe and Josh Galvez with LogMeIn won the coveted and exclusive Uber Badge Black Badge. The Black Badge is the highest award DEF CON gives to contest winners of certain events.

The weeks of preparation and the day of competition led to what seemed like an uncontested victory! (Runner-up took an additional 19 hours to complete!)

What were S2 participants’ secrets to a win like this?

Preparation, Tenacity, and Keeping it Simple.


What a fantastic week in Las Vegas.  The event enabled the S2 team to physically come together as a company with team-building events, hosting our first booth and culminating all of it with a Black Badge!

What is the future of S2? 

As we speed into the 3rd quarter of 2021, S2 is on a mission to eliminate risks of separate red- and blue teams by creating continuously optimized cybersecurity for the modern, constant-threat landscape.

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Additional Photos from S2’s Time in Vegas