Key Features

Know what your IMMINENT RISK is today. Not yesterday, last month or last quarter.

Continuous Testing

Comprehensive and evolving set of relentless assessment capability across your entire enterprise

Attack Surface Management

Discover shadow IT and audit your borderless network to make risk-based decisions


Best practice frameworks like OWASP, PTES, NIST 800-115 to meet PCI, FedRAMP, SOC2, etc.

Continuous Red Teaming

Human validated technique's tactics and procedures (TTPs) used by real world attackers to uncover risks you didn't know existed

Comprehensive Coverage

Cloud, IoT, Insider Threat, Web Applications, External, Mobile... we've got you covered

Cyber Resilience

Test your ability to operate under adverse conditions. Because resilience is more than recovery.

"Although periodic penetration tests can provide good information about the state of security or even the ability of a security team to detect attack attempts, penetration tests are still different from real threats in behavior and approach. Real threats don't have scope and time restrictions."

Using Penetration Testing and Red Teams to Assess and Improve Security

RTaaS provides you internal red team capabilties

Have your own Red Team at a fraction of the cost and evolve beyond penetration tests bound by time and scope into continuously assessing your entire attack surface.
  • True continuous adversary emulation
  • Move laterally and focus on achieving mission objectives
  • Provide Blue Team continuous training in an "Iron sharpens Iron" enviornment


Our expert red teamers will focus on each mission objective and produce detailed findings
  • Search Findings by Severity, Attack Surface, or a specific Focused Engagement
  • Findings provide screenshots or videos demonstrating the exploit or vulnerability along with detection and remediation suggestions
  • Export your finding to your ITSM and mark it for reassessment if remediated

Focused Engagements

RTaaS provides a mechanism to request focused engagements to empower YOUR red team to focus on achieving a goal per engagement.
  • Easy navigator to customize your specific focused engagement
  • Add new assets for the assessment or choose from existing known assets
  • Track the status and findings of your focused engagement
  • Red Team engagements by mandate not scope


S2 experts will customize phishing exercises aimed at emulating your adversary to test your weakest link, users
  • Monthly Phishing Excercises
  • View risks through multiple lenses (Corporate Hierarchy, implant success, etc.)
  • Leverage Phishing to achieve target acquisition and expand accesses

Lateral Movement

Our expert red teamers will stealthily move laterally within your environment achieving mission targets and objectives
  • Stealthy Lateral Movement Techniques
  • Test your defenses (EDR, IPS, etc)
  • Cross platform and IoT expertise
  • Developing new (and tailored) tools, such as customized malware and discovering 0days, when necessary

Why Red Team?

Because the cost of not knowing your IMMINENT RISK is too high. Knowing risks that exists across your entire attack surface (Cloud, IoT, SaaS, etc) requires relentless discovery and testing.

  • 44%

    of security threats start in the cloud

  • $1.8M

    Average cost of ransomware in 2021

  • $6.2M

    Average cost of breached cloud credentials

  • 56Min

    Average time for a new insecure Docker instance to be attacked

RTaaS Features

Our Red Team as-a-Service is unique from other CART and ASM products in that we aren’t a software vendor.  We provide full service turn-key managed services to help protect you from the Adversary. Deployed as-a-service, S2 makes advanced real-time cybersecurity accessible for all organizations. Expert level security practitioners amplified with smart automation and continuous testing, we help you focus on the most imminent and most critical risks to your enterprise.

  • External Attack Surface Management (EASM)
  • Ransomware Attack Surface Testing (RAST) and Protection
  • Continuous Automated Red Team (CART)
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • Bug Bounty Capabilities

Red Team-as-a-Service

Understand the IMMINENT RISK that exists across your entire attack surface. Evolve from the point in time penetration test which is bound by time and scope into continuously testing to discover risks not just those that existed yesterday, last month or last year.

Managed Detection and Response

Let us worry about your adversary while you focus on your business.

Let S2 show you what's possible

You deserve an expert security partner not just another service provider

  • Decades of experience securing Federal Enterprises and Fortune 50
  • Former NSA Operators skilled in the Adversary arts
  • Full scope Security-as-a-Service. Press the easy button.


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