Key Benefits

Our MDR brings a flexible deployment model combined with our decades of enterprise cyber defensive expertise to fit any organizations budget

Relentless Hunting

Comprehensive and evolving set of relentless assessment capability across your enterprise

Managed SIEM

Let us manage or replace your existing SIEM providing log retention and search capabilities

Broad Visibility

We integrate with existing technology stacks and all cloud providers

Security Analytics

Robust data sources, large data sets, with applied ML to uncover adversaries

24x7 Security monitoring

Combination of human monitoring augmented with automation and AI, to bring comprehensive coverage

Cloud Expertise

Cloud security professionals skilled in the adversary arts monitoring your data

“Many security teams have overinvested in a plethora of tools. As a result, they are also suffering from alert fatigue and multiple console complexity and facing the challenges in recruiting and retaining security operations analysts with the right set of skills and expertise to effectively use all those tools.”


Stop Ransomware Before it Stops You!

Learn how S2 MDR can keep you protected

S2 Focuses on Secure Outcomes Not Alerts

S2 MDR uses smart automation and continuous hunting, we help you focus on the most imminent and most critical risks to your enterprise.

  • 3000+

    Contextual queries updated to include the latest TTPs - Detections-as-Code (DaC)

  • 3min

    Average time to execute over 3000+ detections across you entire data set

  • <48Hrs

    Average time to convert public exploit to detection

  • 10X

    Your ROI, S2 averages less than 1/10th the cost of building your own SOC

You never think it will happen to you until it does.

S2 MDR provides relentless hunting for the adversary across your entire attack surface. Our proprietary MAGE platform coupled with our expert cyber warriors enables you to focus on your business while we focus on your adversary.

MDR Technical Details

Once an adversary penetrates your environment time is of the essence.  Finding your adversary before they can take root in your organization requires both the right technology and people.  S2’s MDR platform takes full advantage of the Cloud’s speed and scale to ingest your digital exhaust and relentlessly interrogate every event for intrusions.

Our cloud native platform starts with observability.  We can ingest and transform any machine data by various methods, whether that is polling your SaaS provider’s API for events or by deploying instrumentation to capture the data.  Once we have the right vantage point, we can begin to utilize our exhaustive hunt library.  Our microservices approach weaponizes our thousands of detections by scaling out how many concurrent queries that can be made on an ongoing basis.  This “Detections as Code” process enables us to find that initial penetration before the adversary has a chance to spread.

Once this adversarial behavior is identified, our SOAR platform automatically refines the alert with 3rd party reputation and threat intelligence services and presents a risk rating to one of our cyber warriors to corroborate the incident and recommend a course of action.  This course of action will include programmatic response actions to your affected assets at machine speed to stop the adversary in their tracks.

Let S2 show you what's possible

You deserve an expert security partner not just another service provider

  • Decades of experience securing Federal Enterprises and Fortune 50
  • Former NSA Operators skilled in the Adversary arts
  • Full scope Security-as-a-Service. Press the easy button.


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