The MAGE Platform

Our centralized adversary simulation, detection and response platform, Mage, uses advanced tradecraft to provide continuous security-as-a-service. With Mage, we find weaknesses before adversaries do, so that every threat is an opportunity for improvement.

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Continuous Automated Red Teaming

We reverse engineer and create the latest zero days to harvest useful techniques into sensible and safe reusable modules encapsulating one or more offensive techniques coupled with machine learning to continuously attack.

Attack Surface Management

Using techniques of a sophisticated adversary we continuously probe and discover your attack surface to provide insights into exposure as well as feed intelligence into our CART to demonstrate your imminent risk.


Coupling the expansive data lake and the power of the MAGE platform we run thousands of advanced HUNT queries against your entire data set, continuously, in real time to detect and respond to your adversary reducing dwell time.

Ultraviolet Cyber

  • Stage 2 Security is joining forces with Metmox, Mosaic451 and W@tchTower to become Ultraviolet

The S2 Difference

  • Security outcomes. NOT Just Alerts - S2 partners with you to ATTACK. DETECT. DEFEND. REPEAT. Our full service offerings enable organizations to solve security problems and NOT just shine light on them.
  • Full Time Dedicated Red Teamers - unlike our competitors we hire dedicated red teamers with expertise in providing nation state level skills as full time employees. We don't 1099 or outsource.
  • Leadership with Experience - S2 is compromised of Red Team expertise (Former NSA operators with 20+ years experience) combined with Blue Team expertise (20+ years of experience building and operated SOCs/MDRs for DHS and other Federal Agencies) bringing an Outcome not a feature.
  • Hybrid Model - Our MAGE platform delivers the best of CART, EASM, Bug Bounty and Penetration Testing in our comprehensive "as-a-Service" model. Automation paired with human expertise.
  • Focus - S2 is solely focused on delivering secure outcomes. We are a security company founded and operated by security professionals. S2 isn't a company; it's a lifestyle.

Managed Security Services

Delivered as-a-service, we make a more advanced approach to cybersecurity accessible to every business.
  • Red Team-as-a-Service
  • Penetration Testing as-a-Service
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Vulnerability Management

Curated Security Services

We provide expert level security services aimed at maximizing your ROI and tackling the challenges unique to your business.
  • Professional Services (Splunk, Tenable, etc.)
  • Cloud Security Engineering (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Incident Response

S2 is Your Cloud Focused Cyber Security Solutions Partner

Comprehensive suite of services delivered through a unified platform providing relentless cybersecurity for the modern, constant-threat landscape.

  • Continuous red/blue-team so you can find and resolve your weaknesses before adversaries exploit them
  • Deployed as-a-service, making advanced real-time cybersecurity accessible for all organizations

Can You Afford to Not Know?

Know your imminent risk with S2 Red Team-as-a-Service

News and Updates

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